arch. Antonella Grimod Caúti

I was born and raised in a family in continuous joyful creative movement, for which the house represented a place in constant evolution and where the only certainty was represented by the perimeter walls. In fact, it often happened that our house was "overturned" in its destinations to be redistributed again. This operation was entirely managed by my mother, a descendant of an ancient family of ceramists as early as the 1600s, who since 1961 has been dealing with interiors, assisted by the innate creativity and rationality of my father, although a committed lawyer.
Being called into question to give some small suggestions for furnishing and organizing the home was for us children an important moment in family life from an early age. For this reason, perhaps, I am used to living together with changes, with the creation of new spaces that respond to the needs of a growing or changing nucleus.


Exteriors / Gardening / Pool

Urban planning / Expert reports

Let's build the project together

Interior design
Projects and implementation of renovations - apartments, villas, public buildings.
Exterior design and construction, gardening, swimming pool.
Expert reports - appraisals

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Arch. Antonella Grimod Caúti
via Ridolfino Venuti, 42 - 00162 Roma - Italia
Tel: +39 06 8605232